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Take A Look at How We Begin

As We are begining with the blessing of our all well wisher APS strives to lay firm foundation in its students that will help them throughout their lives. APS believes strongly in Moral, holistic development of its students. Our learning program is wholesome, dynamic, active and exciting. “Fun filled learning” is a culture at APS.

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We are Deoria based School focused on excellence.

Students at APS become achievers in life. There is a well thought out strategy that generate this outcome. An outline of the same is given below: • Provide them opportunity for growth and development. • Encourage students to aim high. Only the dreamers can succeed. • Create opportunities for developing qualities of leadership and responsibility in team and inculcating in them values in order to develop them to face adverse circumstances. • Ensure high level of self-esteem among students and atmosphere of mutual respect in the school. Learn to do, learn to live together, Learning to be. • Inculcate high level of moral values along with a polite, helpful and friendly attitude towards all. • Challenge the abilities of the students and steer their career to make them realize their dreams.

Why Choose Agrawal Public School

We focuses on the need for inter-dependence and social skills to allow facultyand students to live together in harmony, acknowledging the needs of others in a more or less protected setting. .

Vibrant Campus

On visiting the school, one is stuck by the lush green campus, the architectural beauty and soothing ambience. Far from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities, the essence of Indian ethos is so immaculately preserved that it would not be an exaggeration to call APS and an epitome of Gurukul System in tune with modern times.

Inspirational Teachers

Our teachers share our passion for all-round educational excellence. They are driven by the desire to see young people develop in all aspects of their lives, seeking to serve, encourage, direct, discipline, empower and inspire.

Developing Academically

Each student at Agrawal Public school is challenged to achieve their personal best in all areas of their lives. Academically, we support all students and set challenging targets. Regular monitoring and feedback helps each child to achieve their very best.

Developing Physically

The Academy’s activities provide a wide range of opportunities to help young people establish habits that will set them up for a healthy lifestyle during and beyond their time with us.

Team Of Professionals

An ideal Teacher-Student ratio (1:15) ensures that each student gets personal attention. Professionally competent and dedicated faculty having a single-minded objective to bring out the best in all the children entrusted to their care.

Expanding Horizons

The academy is committed to the all-round development of your child’s talents and interests. The extracurricular programme is varied and exciting, challenging and stretching, allowing children the chance to gain new experiences or deepen existing skills outside of the classroom.

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